Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

Over the years, we've donated creative and marketing services to many nonprofits doing great work for their communities. Watching them grow, witnessing real lives being changed, and meeting so many selfless people has been more valuable than any corporate work or monetary gains. This past week was strange, to say the least, and it looks like we will have a significant amount of down time over the next few months. Instead of letting this bring us down, we’re going to use the extra time and resources to provide services to people that need the most help.

Currently, we’re offering complimentary design, marketing, and web support to non-profit organizations who don’t have a budget for these types of services. We can maintain your website, build an online shop, publish digital communications, create and manage your social content, produce videos or animation, and much more. During these uncertain and unpredictable times, we can assist your marketing department, be your marketing department, or add a specific skillset you might need.

We’re hoping these services can free up funds for your staff, the people you serve, and the causes you support. We want to make sure you’re able to keep doing what you’ve been doing as we know first-hand how important you are and how many people are relying on you. It’s organizations like yours that make real differences in this world, and we want to support you now more than ever.

If you or someone you know can benefit from this offer, please contact us. We’d love to chat!

About Street Studio

We're a group of friends and colleagues from across the globe who joined forces to offer creative and marketing services for small businesses, non profits, and corporations. We love working with people and brands that we're passionate about, allowing us to provide a personal experience that's crafted with care. We treat each project and brand like it's our own, and we take pride in what we deliver.